6 Tips on How to Boost Your Performance and Improve Concentration

A weak ability to concentrate can be a real problem for students. It may prevent from achieving the desired academic success. We offer you 5 practical tips for improving concentration and academic performance.

  • Start by analyzing your problem: A weak ability to concentrate can be expressed in different ways. One cannot listen carefully to what is being said to him/her; the other quickly loses the main thread in mental work; the third is constantly disturbed by the noise around. First, analyze yourself. Set it when you cannot concentrate. What channels of perception, first of all, are affected in this? How can you explain this? The more often you observe yourself, the more accurately you will choose methods and exercises to improve your ability to concentrate.
  • Do one thing at a time: Many people prefer to do several things at the same time: talking to the friend while typing “Write my college essay” and listening to music. What happens to the brain? The brain does not have time to perceive simultaneously such a quantity of information and process it. We will be able to improve the quality of our attention if we deal only with one thing. It is possible to concentrate only when you are engaged in one and only thing.
  • Follow your biorhythm: What time do you feel the most active, and when you have passivity and loss of strength? During the day you can feel the alternation of recovery and decline of strength. Therefore, take care of matters that require the greatest concentration, when you are the most efficient and active.
  • Put yourself together: For concentration, not only external peace, but also inner peace is needed. Before you go directly to work, relax and gather your thoughts. Drop all thoughts relating to your other duties, and gradually mentally "get" to what you have to do. Then think about how toachieve your goals and fulfill the requirements. Then calmly proceed to work.
  • Plan: Concentration means focusing only on one object, process or activity. Draw up a plan, where all the set of tasks and responsibilities to be performed will be included. This can be a plan for a day, a week, or a month. Only after completing one task and noting its execution you can proceed to the next one. Make a time when you would like to do this or that job.
  • Train your memory: The better our memory is developed, the better you can operate with information, which means you can concentrate better. With a well-developed memory, you do not need to waste time and effort searching for information. You will have a lot of information in your head that you can use, if necessary. Every step in the way of improving memory is also a step in the development of the ability to concentrate. Train your memory!

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