Leagues of Legends: FAQ for Beginners

Why do you need to watch eSports broadcasts, what is IWCQ and where to see the runes, talents and ratings of professional players? Here, we'll answer the most frequently asked questions beginners are interested in.

Top-5 Questions for You to Check

Learn more about LoL by getting answers to FAQ:

  • Why do you need to watch eSports broadcasts?

    League of Legends is not only an exciting game with friends, but also a huge community, connected with each other by tournaments of different levels. Watching the games of professional teams is an opportunity to learn something new for yourself, experience incredible emotions from the victories of your favorite team, and maybe even get inspired and take part in the tournament yourself.

  • Why are some champions like Timo, Trindamir and Heimerdinger so rarely found on the professional scene?

    The changes made by Riot Games in the gameplay and game balance, as well as the experience that accumulates over thousands of tournament games, form a certain pool of champions with the greatest potential. Unlike ranked games, where you can meet absolutely any champions, teams squeeze the most out of the selected champions on the professional stage, so some characters simply have no place in the games.

  • How to establish communication with allies?

    First, to master the quick signals that can be given to the allies, warning them about their actions or the actions of opponents. If you play with friends, the voice chat will be very useful. And do not forget to transmit important information through the in-game chat, the main thing is to be polite and patient, do not demand from the allies unquestioningly fulfill your instructions and always try to compromise. In the end, each of us has his own vision of the

  • What is the strongest role in League of Legends?

    There is no strongest role, each role has a certain impact on the game. Everyone, including support players, can get to the very top of the ranking line. Choose the role that you are most interested in playing and achieve mastery in it. Everything depends on you.

  • What is the International Wildcard Qualifier?

    International Wildcard Qualifier is an international tournament in which 8 of the strongest teams from developing regions participate. At this tournament two passes to the World Championship are played. The IWCQ Continental League is represented by the champion of the summer split - Albus Nox Luna.

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