Martin Wickramasinghe International Projection

Without a doubt, Martin Wickramasinghe was one of the best known authors originating from Sri Lanka. His work in the various areas of literature, as well as history, travel, religion and philosophy among was and still is greatly appreciated at the national level. He is one of the authors that have greatly contributed to the modern development of the Sri Lankan culture and yet he's recognition as a great writer was not only internal. He's name is nowadays widely known on the international stage and this is partly because of his valuable work but also because of his international links that helped promoted his image abroad. Wickramasinghe knew authors and personalities coming from different parts of the world. He had been characterized as a truly original thinker and writer in both literature and social studies by Professor Joseph Needham FRS. The editor of the journal 'Problems of Literature', Korchitov recognized the work of the Sri Lankan writer as one of the two most important events that characterized the late 1950s, a time when the classical literature was passing through a very critical time. Also, he had known professors in America such as Professor Jackson, from the department of languages at the University of Texas who considered Wickramasinghe one of the authors who have contributed to the modernization of their national literatures and which puts him on a special place among the writers from all over the world.

From China, professor Hao Wei Min believed that this Sri Lankan writer was the greatest author to explore their own society and culture of his people. His work was published in Chinese and this was one of the first steps for his recognition in this country.

The personalities that Martin Wickramasinghe knew serve as testimony that his work was one of great importance not only on the national stage but also on the international arena of literature.

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