Children's Readings

The work of Martin Wickramasinghe is very diverse and his books addressed to children are of various kinds. Some titles are Balopadeshaya, which means Advice to Children, Galiwarayanaya, which translates as Gulliver's Travels, Madol Doowa, Ape Gama also known as Lay Bare the Roots, Rajawenta giya mahanna which means The Tailor Who Would Be King and Dandumonaraya or Ravana's Flying Machine. He also wrote about biology: books such as Beetles and Related Insects, Ants and Related Insects, the Animal World, Entertainment Readings in Science and so on and so forth. He wrote three books on social studies as well. He's got two auto-biographical books: Our Village and From My Childhood. Some of his books for children are also translated into English. The amazing thing is that the universe Martin Wickramasinghe designs for children is magical and somewhat scientific as well. He encourages children to be brave and to ask themselves questions, to learn about responsibilities but also to enjoy the magic that they will only know as kids. The universe around them is a friendly one and they need to learn about it and to learn how to respect it.

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