Martin Wickramasinghe Collection

The collection of items previously owned by Martin Wickramasinghe Collection is housed in the Hall of Life and Literature, which is in the National Library and Documentation Center. This personal collection contains items that the author himself selected with care over a period of 70 years . Every month he would buy a few ooks from the HW Cave. The items in this collection reflect just how diverse the preoccupations of Martin Wickramasinghe were. Some volumes are extremely rare and most valuable : anthropology books, literary criticism volumes, fiction novels and also social sciences, biological evolution volumes, comparative religion, philosophy and Buddhism, fine arts and so on and so forth. Some of the volumes have annotations made by Martin Wickramasinghe himself on the margins of some of the pages. The National Library and Documentation Center prepared a catalog of these items, which contains more than 5000 books. The database can be found on compact disks and is also made available on the internet.

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