Read These Short Stories

Those of you who are already familiar with the work of Martin Wickramasinghe need no encouragement to read his books and short stories. The short story called "Eve of the New Year" is about a wealthy man, who owns assets of almost 30,000 rupees. His land and house are worth more than 10,000 rupees. However, it is a mystery how much money he's got stashed away. The story goes that once every six months, he just takes his money out and warms it over the fire, in a ritual. What could happen to such a man?

Andoaiya is a n imposing man who knows how to tell a story like no other. He's been through many adventures and many would love to hear his accounts of those adventures, but Andoaiya never tells a story with dry lips: he likes to have his coffee first and he always takes sugar with his coffee. His meticulous ritual is hypnotic. Are his stories too? Find out in "Exploits of Andoaiya", a wonderful short story by Martin Wickramasinghe. Another interesting short story of his is called "Money". You're very likely to enjoy reading it as well.

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