Martin Wickramasinghe Trust

The Martin Wickramasinghe Trust was established by the Sri Lankan government as a charitable organization with the goals of preserving and maintaining the house in Koggala where Wickramasinghe was born, and the surroundings that were his childhood and youth stomping grounds; establishing a Cultural Center in said surroundings, comprising a museum, a library, an open-air theatre, an auditorium and other facilities; establishing a Martin Wickramasinghe Archive to preserve memorabilia, manuscripts, and other materials related to his life, work and times; promoting literary, educational and cultural activities; preparing a complete bibliography of Wickramasinghe's writings, available both as print and in compact disc form; publishing the collected works of Martin Wickramasinghe and reprinting of all his published writings; giving lectures to spread and popularize modern views in literature, anthropology, social sciences and other fields, as explored by Martin Wickramasinghe; preparing and publishing a comprehensive website to supply information on all activities and projects listed here.

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