Martin Wickramasinghe Trust Fund

One of the more ambitious projects of the Martin Wickramasinghe Trust Fund is The Martin Wickramasinghe Museum of Folk Culture in Koggala. This museum charges visitors only a small entrance fee, therefore, the brunt of the cost of running and maintaining the building and its contents is met by the trust fund. Another great achievement of the Martin Wickramasinghe Trust Fund was the donation of Martin Wickramasinghe's library of over 5000 books, and its installation in the Hall of Literature and Life located in the National Library and Documentation Center in Independences Square. The family of the late writer also donated the of Martin Wickramasinghe's writings, and rights of cinematic, television and audio-visual productions adapted from them, to the Trust, as well as the house where the artist was born, for its employment as the office and institutional center for activities of the Martin Wickramasinghe Trust Fund. The trust also accepts personal donations.

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