A Full Guide on CSGO Playing and Betting

CS: GO is a multiplayer computer game, in the genre of a first-person shooter developed by Valve. It is the last part of the Counter Strike series of games, and the second most popular cyber sport discipline. The action in this game takes place around the actions of terrorists and counter-terrorists (special forces of different countries) on Bomb / Defuse maps for 30 rounds (the main stage, if after these 30 rounds the teams will have an equal tournament account, overtimes are played - 3 rounds for each side). The winning team is the one who scored 16 won rounds for the main stage, or 4 won rounds for overtime.

How to Win the Round?

Making bets on CSGO is rather popular today. Before you bet on csgobettingz, learn more about the game itself, and first of all, how to achieve victory in the round. The team must eliminate all members of the opposing team or complete the map task. Terrorists must lay the C4 explosive and make sure that it exploded after a certain time (after renewal on 11.12.2015 is 1 minute 55 seconds the duration of the round and 40 seconds of the bomb timer, respectively). Employees of special forces or counter terrorists should prevent the bombing by destroying all terrorists or neutralize explosives in case it was installed.

Betting on CS:GO

Is it possible to make money from gaming? If you consider the structure of the game, the process of placing bets on this game does not differ from the procedure for placing bets on any other team sport or e-sports. As in most popular team e-sports disciplines, success depends on a combination of two unique moments: 1 - the individual talent of professional players and, so-called teamplay.

The best teams are successful thanks to the excellent communication interaction combined with the excellent personal skills of the players. This allows you to achieve higher team results. So it's better to follow the announcements and articles about possible substitutions on Twitter or the team site.

Another very important component that is not characteristic of other popular e-sports disciplines like Dota2 and League of Legends is the availability of a variety of maps. Some teams play better on certain maps. Knowing which of them will be played in advance is impossible, however, to assume that the teams will play on their best maps is quite realistic. It is enough to trace the statistics of previous games. You will have the competitive advantage if you learn about types of betting.

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