How to meet and date a police officer woman

When you date a person of a certain profession, you need to understand all the peculiarities before you finally commit to this individual. Officials are people who need to be taken seriously, so if you want to fling with a police officer, you have to think twice – these women have overcome something that is called ‘professional deformation’, which has definitely influenced their habits. So how to meet and date a police officer? You know cops are extremely sexy, so listen up attentively!

Where and how to meet a female police officer?

According to statistics, the amount of women in the law enforcement department has gone up to 12%, which is a considerable improvement for the ladies and more chances for you.

It is the best to just hang out near the police department, but don’t be creepy or problematic to the people who work there. It is also not the best idea to hook up with a police officer when you got there drunk as an arrestee. There are plenty of places where police hangs out. For example, you can go to the local café or fast food in front of the department where it would be obvious for them to snack at. Be sure that the girl you find attractive is single and is not currently working. Do not bother police officers when they are in the middle of the detention.

How to date a police officer?

First thing first, female cops are obviously pretty tired of amazed men who are trying to bring their courtesy down with the phrases like ‘how do you manage all of those guns?’ or ‘I just want to report a burglary because you stole my heart’. People pretty much all the time wonder how women work with crimes and stay strong, but in fact, female cops do not want to assume they lad less chances to became a police officers from the beginning. Unless you are intended to meet Russian women who would find that phrases cute and innocent, American or European female cops would be pretty pissed. In fact, the level of verbal abuse and insults is higher among women by 69% more than among men, as reported by . So, if you want to date a female police officer, be respectful!

The second thing you need to do is deal with her flexible timetable. Cops are often called anytime in case of emergencies, so if your work is not similar, respect her duty, too.

Also, female cops are usually serious and trustworthy, so don’t be a fool and a liar as well. It is not a stereotype; female police officers detect deceiving much better, because it works on the level of intuition. They also are pretty smart and wit, as people have to go through years of hard training at the police academy before they become professionals, so your dates should feel like neither she or you are wasting time. Female cops, obviously, like honest and determined men who respect and obey the law. Don’t tell her you had problems as a teenager with weed storage.

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