Which Mistakes Should You Avoid Writing the 1st Essay Paragraph?

According to statistics, a person determines the usefulness of the material during the first 5-7 seconds. A big part in this is played by the first paragraph. Its main task is to attract the reader so that he/she cannot stop and "swallowed" your text from the beginning to the end. If the introduction is dull and boring, the text, as a rule, suffers a fiasco.

If you don't want taking risks and need the guaranteed A-grade for your essay, it is better to buy essays online and feel free of worries. Experienced writers know that a very important principle of writing eye-catching essays is the principle of an inverted pyramid. Do you wonder what it is? It states that the most interesting, most significant information should be placed in the first paragraph. However, this is not a dogma. There are a lot of ways to make the introduction catchy. Now will check how you'd better not start your paper.

Mistakes You Should Avoid When Writing Your Essay Introduction

First of all, you need to generate the reader's interest with the help of the header. There is an algorithm for writing first-class essays. The main thing is that your material has a clear structure, and the beginning emphasizes its value, and not vice versa. However, there are things that kill this value completely, and which should be avoided by all means. Here, there are some of them. Check them below.

  • The use of cliche. Don't try to imitate thousands of authors without imagination, who have no idea how to start a text, so that it can easily provoke interest from the reader.
  • Platitudes. Another leader among the typical mistakes. The difference from the previous point is a comprehensive evidence. For example, such beginnings like “There are no same people in the world.” “Each of us should take care of his/her health.”
  • Complex intricacies. Another common mistake is to make the first sentence super complicated for perception. For example, “In the light of total globalization, the question of the rationality of sharing information resources, which, in turn, is increasingly important for the international information community, becomes urgent.” Sounds too complex, doesn't it? This is how you shouldn't start your work.

All these things tire the reader and force him/her to interrupt reading (otherwise he/she will die with boredom). They are also called “water” because they do not carry any information value. To check the tenacity of the text, ask the opinions of your friends and acquaintances. Finally, put yourself in the reader's place and evaluate the essay beginning.

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