Martin Wickramasinghe Sinhala Handwriting Pieces

Pieces of Martin Wickramasinghe's sinhala handwriting are still kept in the national library of Sri Lanka. Sinhala is the native tongue of the Sinhalese people, who in turn are the largest ethnic group in Sri Lanka (effectively making it the official language), home country of Martin Wickramasinghe. The writing system is based on ancient Brahmi, and may be considered semi syllabic, also referred to as abugida or alphasyllabic. In 1956, the Sri Lankan Freedom party replaced English with Sinhalese as the official language, an act that was certainly received with joy by Martin Wickramasinghe, who always steadfastly championed Sri Lankan traditions and culture. However, as a consequence of centuries of colonial rule, Sinhala contains many Portuguese, Dutch and English loanwords, but this actually enriches the language, rather than dilute it. It also features loanwords from the Tamil language, which is a Dravidian language spoken by the Tamil minority in Sri Lanka.

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