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Martin Wickramasinghe was and still is one of the most renowned authors that Sri Lanka gave to the world. He was born in the middle of the 19th century and he started publishing his writings at the beginning of the 20th century. His first writing dates from 1903 and it was a book written for children.

The Sri Lankan author has demonstrated a great deal of interest in the different areas of literature and he had started writing for children in 1903. His first book was entitled 'Balopadeshaya' which is translated into Advice to Children. He had also written an adaptation of the well known Gulliver's Travels, the Tailor who would be King and Ravana's Flying Machine. But he also expressed an interest in the biology area. He wrote about insects, especially beetles, ants and other related insects. His writing also includes Mimicry in Animal World, the Sea-shore, the World of Animals and more. Martin Wickramasinghe is also the writer of renowned novels who are especially playing a great role in the Sri Lankan culture. In 1914 he started his work in this area with the novel entitled Leela, he continued with Soma in 1920 and with many others until the beginning of the 1970s. One may say that most of his work was dedicated to this part of the literature. Yet, an impressive collection can also be found under the short stories type of novels which he also wrote in between writing the other novels. To a smaller extent he also wrote dramas. But perhaps the greatest part of his work was consecrated to literary criticism. He had written nearly 30 critical essays and in this way he had contributed to the development of the Sri Lankan literature and culture in general. Nevertheless, his work also covered subjects such as philosophy, history, travel, evolution and more.

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